Zersetzen Documentary Video

This VIDEO on YouTube describes a Zersetzen persecution against a completely innocent family by the Spy agencies of the UK and Canada.


Zersetzen is a process that was developed by the former East German secret police, the STASI, to persecute dissidents. Today some Spy agencies in the "Five Eyes" countries are illegally using Zersetzen techniques to persecute innocent citizens on behalf of power elites and corporate interests - and for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.

Sometimes called Cointelpro, Zersetzung or No-Touch Torture, Zersetzen combines Character Assassination and Slander with Intimidation, Harassment, Surveillance, Cyberbullying and Threats.

The Video is in two parts of approximately 14 minutes each.

Here is Part 1 of the Video:

ZERSETZEN Documentary part 1 of 2


CONTENTS - (Start 0:00) Overview of Zersetzen; (1:30) smearing, blacklisting and lies; (3:24) intrusive surveillance, stalking, telephone harassment; (5:10) shots fired, death threats, vehicles driven at us; (6:50) street theatre - where threats are acted out ; (7:49) All communications controlled - mail. email & telephones; (9:05) Cyberbullying; (11:20) More on controlling communications & computer interference.

Here is Part 2 of the Video:

ZERSETZEN Documentary part 2


CONTENTS - (Start 0:00) Overview; (1:15) the Cover-up, Omerta and wilful blindness; (4:33) Zersetzen formula explained; (6:15) Comments on Zersetzen from: Spooks, Journalists, Politicos, and Nobel laureates; (8:10) Slides used by Spy agencies to train their operatives in Zersetzen; (11:14) Why should you care if our Spy agencies are morphing into a secret police and persecuting innocent citizens?

The above VIDEO contains slides that the Spy agencies are actually using today to train their operatives in the use of Zersetzen-style techniques.

As their slides prove, the stated intention of these Spy agencies is to cause "Physiological", "Cognitive" and "Affective Stress" in their targeted victims using methods designed, in their own words (the 4 D's as they call it on their slides), to "Disrupt", Destroy", Diffuse and Discredit their victims..

All the items covered in this documentary VIDEO, are also described in more detail, in writing, in the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report.

Recent Updates

These Videos were first presented in 2015. Recently CSIS have augmented their Zersetzen tactics to include the illegal use of Microwave technology - this is not new technology and its criminal use is documented by courts in countries such as Germany. To view click on Hi-Tech Assault 

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