Overview of Zersetzen

This SITE is about the illegal use by some of our Spy Agencies of the Zersetzen "no touch" torture technique against innocent citizens. It describes one family's personal experiences fighting back. 

Zersetzen is a process that was developed by the former communist East German secret police, the "STASI", to persecute dissidents.

Today some of the Spy agencies in countries that are a part of the "Five Eyes" intelligence sharing agreement (CSIS / CSEC in Canada, MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ in UK) are illegally using these east block "secret police" techniques to persecute and bully innocent citizens on behalf of private interests - and for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.


It’s just like the STASI treated dissidents in the former East Germany, except that this Human Rights Abuse is happening here today.

Zersetzen is about character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life. Not the normal bloodier medieval form of torture, Zersetzen is a more sophisticated “Orwellian” form that was developed to cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

Sometimes called Cointelpro, Zersetzung, D and D (Disrupt and Discredit) or No-touch torture, Zersetzen poses the biggest single threat to our democracy since the end of the cold war.

Zersetzen starts with blacklisting, character assassination, and slander – It's about manipulating people or groups of people by typical STASI methods: hearsay, gossip, lies, spreading rumours about someone … the list goes on.

Then years of Intrusive Surveillance, Intimidation, Harassment, Cyberbullying, Death Threats, Telephone Tapping etc. followed on. A classic STASI technique - with both oneself and one's children threatened.

And then there is OMERTA – a shutdown of help. A cover-up conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, by ensuring that there is no proper investigation. Once the secret intelligence agencies are involved, people are too scared to help - police, politicians, lawyers, media and human rights agencies. All the normal support structures and avenues for resolving grievances simply freeze up.

There is no real political oversight of our Spy Agencies - Because our politicians believe that the secret security / intelligence agencies can destroy their careers they are too scared of them to rein them in.

Zersetzen is about overriding the rule of law.

According to their own leaked documentation (from the UKs GCHQ), these Spy agencies are training some of their operatives in the use of Zersetzen-style techniques with the stated intention of causing "Physiological", "Cognitive", and "Affective Stress" in their victims using methods designed, in their own words, to disrupt, destroy, diffuse and discredit these targeted victims..

For a written Paper on Zersetzen, and our experiences of it, see the Russell Zersetzen Report.

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