Zersetzen - Threatens Our Democracy


Nothing is more threatening to our democracy than the illegal links that are forming between power elites and our secret security / intelligence agencies. It does seem that these Spy agencies are fast morphing into a secret police. Zersetzen is not the tool of a democratic State. Developed by the STASI in the former communist east block, Zersetzen is the tool of totalitarian and authoritarian States.

Some of our security agencies are becoming a law unto themselves and, where they are involved, our elected politicians don't seem to matter. There is a form of “Overton Window” developing in Canada where Establishment Bully Boys with Spy agency connections can persecute innocent citizens with impunity.

Zersetzen involves the intentional shutdown of all the normal avenues for the resolution of grievances. It is about a deliberate "failure to protect" its citizens by government. As a result of this there is a complete "denial of justice". Where the secret spy agencies are involved, the Rule of Law no longer applies

Unfortunately our politicians are too scared of our Spy Agencies to rein them in. Once the secret intelligence agencies are involved, people are too scared to help - police, politicians, human rights agencies, media, the Courts. All the support structures and the institutions that one normally relies upon for justice simply freeze up. The rules are still there, but they are not followed

Government should be Protecting – not Persecuting

My complaint involves two countries – UK and Canada. The Zersetzen attacks initially started in Vancouver, Canada. Thinking they were localized to Canada, I fled to the UK only to find that the attacks continued there as well. 

In the UK:

Two UK Members of Parliament made strenuous efforts to have this matter honestly investigated by the UK government; unfortunately, in vain - so strong is the cover up conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Three times the Rt. Hon. Hazel Blears MP -- UK Cabinet Minister [then] responsible for their secret security / intelligence services (MI5 & Special Branch) -- rejected the MP’s requests for an honest investigation providing written excuses that are not only untrue but actually contradict each other. Sinisterly, at the same time as the MP’s were making their written requests for an investigation to Minister Blears, my wife and I were also being intimidated, threatened and harassed to get us to stop complaining.

The only consistency in Minister Blears' three letters was that she ensured that my issue - intimidation, harassment and threats - was always covered-up and never investigated

These letters to/from Minister Blears can be seen by downloading the OneNote version of the “Russell Zersetzen” Report and viewing sub-sections L1 and L2.

After I had returned to Canada one of the UK Members of Parliament, who had been helping us, summarized this failure to obtain justice, writing –

“Government [UK] have not been at all helpful in all the enquiries made on our behalf”

 (John Leech MP, March 13, 2007). 


Complaint against CSIS

After returning to Canada I again made strenuous efforts to get this stuff – intimidation, harassment, threats, intrusive surveillance – honestly investigated. These efforts are described in Section M of the “Russell Zersetzen” Report.

I made a formal complaint against the CSIS (Canada’s Intelligence Agency) to its oversight body the SIRC. The SIRC dismissed my complaint – without interviewing myself or a single witness.

Indeed, the SIRC’s then Chair and Chief Executive, Dr. Arthur Porter, stated on the radio that the CSIS would not do such things. The SIRC’s integrity can well be judged by the subsequent history of its former Chair Dr. Arthur Porter. The following year Dr. Porter had to resign from the SIRC as he faced yet another scandal.

A few years later the intelligence oversight chief, Dr. Porter, would die in prison in Panama, fighting extradition back to Canada to avoid facing charges that included bribe taking, money laundering and conspiracy.

Hardly surprising that, with a history like this, the SIRC is little more than CSIS’s rubber stamp.

Letter to MY MP

The paper "Russell-Zersetzen" has been filed with the Hon. Kent Hehr MP, my local Member of Parliament and a former Canadian Cabinet Minister. I have also filed the 'Russell-Zersetzen" Report with the United Nations in Geneva to put these human rights abuses on the record.

My covering letter (click on “letter to Hon Kent Hehr MP) to Mr. Hehr summarizes my 125 page complaint into 4 pages and is worth glancing at before viewing the more detailed "Russell-Zersetzen" report. As I state in the letter, the matter has a political dimension:

"These abuses are a political matter in Canada …. my family and I are being denied that most basic of all human rights:  "the Rule of Law".

Indeed a Zersetzen persecution could not happen if there was adequate political supervision of our security / intelligence agencies. Citizenship used to mean something. In this age of identity politics, the traditional rights that Citizens once had as Citizens have gone out the window.

The conclusion to my covering letter to Mr. Hehr is a request for justice in Canada:



Using Canada’s Access to Information Act (ATIA) I requested that the CSIS (Canada’s Spy Agency) disclose any records that they have on me. CSIS refused claiming exempt status for any such records.

I didn’t believe that I got fair disclosure from CSIS, so a year ago I filed in Canada’s Federal Court for a JUDICIAL REVIEW. – including filing with the Court over 100 pages of sworn testimony from supporting Affiants. This September the Judge issued his judgement that “CSIS correctly found that the actual or hypothetical records requested by Mr. Russell fall within the exemptions authorized by the ATIA”

My concern was with the Secret Hearings

There were Orders surrounding these proceedings in Canada’s Federal Court that had the effect of creating SECRET PROCEEDINGS such that the Counsel for the Attorney General of Canada was allowed to introduce to the Court sworn testimony/affidavits and argument that were kept secret from myself the Applicant.

While I understand that this is the Law in Canada, and as such has to be followed, I nevertheless brought my written objection to the Court’s attention. In allowing testimony to be kept secret from one of the parties the law is, in this regard and in my view, FUNDAMENTALLY UNJUST as I wrote the Court citing the following reasons:

  1. Firstly, it is UNJUST because the Applicant has no realistic possibility to rebut in cross examination such secret testimony by the Respondents’ Affiants. The Applicant cannot rebut in cross-examination testimony that he has never been allowed to hear or read in the first place. 

  2. Secondly, it is UNJUST because the trade craft of CSIS and other similar services within the “FIVE EYES”, as with all spy agencies, is deceit, deception and lies. In the absence of a cross examiner who knows the facts behind the case (such as myself), and can dispute the facts with the secret witnesses, where necessary, the CSIS in my view is likely to adjust their testimony to suit their objectives, regardless of the truth.

  3. Thirdly, there are other ways to protect the identity of the CSIS’s operatives without trampling on the basic civil liberties of the Applicant (Roderick Russell) to hear all testimony that opposes his viewpoint.

As I mentioned to the Court at the hearings I was also concerned with other matters unrelated to the secrecy of the court proceedings, that in my opinion went to fairness, including the CSIS’s approach to changing the goal posts at the last minute -- see the last few paragraphs of Chapter 5 of this Site that is headed “Blacklisting, Spies, Lies” for details.


View the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report and/or The Zersetzen “Documentary Video” for the blueprint on Zersetzen.

That our politicians are too scared of our Spy agencies to enforce the Rule of Law is symptomatic of a crisis in our democracy. 

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