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ZERSETZEN Documentary part 1 of 2

Zersetzen combines character assassination and slander with intimidation, harassment, surveillance, cyberbullying and threats. View this 15 minute Video for a blueprint on Zersetzen. Zersetzen was developed by the former East German secret police (the STASI) to persecute dissidents. Today some of our own Spy Agencies (including Canada’s CSIS and the UK’s MI5 / MI6) are illegally using Zersetzen techniques to bully innocent citizens and whistleblowers for private power elites.

ZERSETZEN Documentary part 2 of 2

This 15 minute Video is a continuation of the documentary described above. It also includes slides used by the UK’s GCHQ Spy Agency – a member of the “Five Eyes” intelligence community – to train its operatives in Zersetzen.

Russell Zersetzen Paper

 This paper is a detailed blow by blow report of a well-witnessed Zersetzen persecution against one family by the Security / Intelligence apparatus of the UK and Canada. The paper was recently filed with the United Nations. The governments of both Canada and the UK, at high levels, are well aware of what's going on, but are scared of their own secret security/intelligence agencies and of the power elites behind them.

Zesetzen - Some 25 Precedents

Zersetzen is the biggest threat to democracy since the cold war. The purpose of this paper is to provide examples – precedents – of where Zersetzen/Cointelpro has happened to others, and to do so in a way that you can check the facts out on the Internet for yourself. Zersetzen is a process of character assassination and threats developed by the former communist East German secret police, the “STASI”, to persecute dissidents.

Shockingly, as our Spy Agencies morph into a secret police, they are using Zersetzen today to persecute whistle blowers and enemies of power elites.

Some 25 cases of Zersetzen in the UK, Canada and USA are reviewed.

Lobster Magazine

 Article: The persecution of Roderick Russell

Article: Canada’s Spy Agency Gone Rogue

Canada's Spy agency CSIS is out of control and pursuing illegal agendas that have nothing to do with our national security. CSIS is now so powerful that our politicians are scared of them. This article outlines the extent to which the political oversight of CSIS is becoming a joke, while CSIS is using former East Block methods against innocent Canadians with the knowledge of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Daily Kos

Article: The Guardian in America — Icon on the left of too close to British Intelligence

This story is about censorship today, and the moulding of public opinion. It argues that power-elites who get above the law, are hijacking control of the security / intelligence apparatus, and using that power to neuter the mainstream media. Rupert Murdoch tweeted “no such thing as free press in UK”. Without a free press there can be no such thing as real democracy either.

 Article: Sir Jimmy Savile — Pedophile, Friend of Royalty — and the Cover-up to Pervert Justice

This story is about shielding a well-connected pedophile from justice for nearly 50 years because he was close to UK power elites. The story questions the soundness of Rule of Law and Democracy in the UK – since If the UK’s Elites can override justice to cover-up for a serial pedophile, then they can override justice to cover up for anything.

Zersetzen Paper

 Developed by the former East German secret police, the Stasi, to persecute dissidents, Zersetzen is being used today by CSIS in Canada and MI5 / MI6 in the UK to persecute whistle-blowers and others. Sometimes called "no-touch" torture, it combines character assassination with intimidation, harassment & threats.

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LIES, THREATS AND GOVERNMENT COVER-UP — UK & Canada are Dangerous Places for the Victims of a Billionaire Bully

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