Russell Zersetzen Report

This report is a 125 page chronological account of the various incidents of intimidation, harassment, & threats that have happened, and of the high level cover up conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

As the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report describes, Zersetzen starts with character assassination and slander – Its initial purpose is to render its victim unemployable and ostracized from the community.


Shots fired, vehicles driven at us, our children threatened – We have been subjected to intrusive “in your face” surveillance, had our home staked out, and been victimized by cyberbullying, ongoing stalking and numerous threats - many of which are witnessed. All of our communications - telephone, email, and mail - are tapped and interfered with.

The Zersetzen formula is: First to slander & character assassinate -- Then to threaten, intimidate & harass -- Then to cover-up by ensuring no investigation takes place -- Then to say you are nuts when you complain about the cover-up.

Read this report and you will know exactly what Zersetzen is:

Zersetzen is a process that was developed by the former East German secret police, the STASI, to persecute dissidents. Today some Spy agencies in the “Five Eyes" countries are illegally using Zersetzen techniques to persecute innocent citizens on behalf of power elites and corporate interests - and for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.

Zersetzen combines Character Assassination and Slander with Intimidation, Harassment, Surveillance, Cyberbullying and Threats. Not the bloodier medieval form of torture, Zersetzen is a more sophisticated "Orwellian" form of torture that was developed to cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

The "Russell-Zersetzen Report” is the blueprint on Zersetzen. It covers much the same ground as the “Zersetzen Documentary Video” though in writing and in more detail.

To view the 125 page "Russell Zersetzen" Report:

The Russell-Zersetzen Report comes in two versions – A PDF version, and a Microsoft OneNote version. The PDF version is easier to download. However, I recommend viewing the Report in the OneNote version as there are numerous attachments referred to within the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report that only open in OneNote.

Click below to view "Russell-Zersetzen" in PDF Format:

Russell Zersetzen (4).pdf

Click below to view "Russell-Zersetzen" in Microsoft OneNote format:

How to Read This Report:

The Russell-Zersetzen Report starts with an index ( Table of Contents) that lists the incidents both geographically and as to type of incident.

Firstly take a look at the table of contents..

The Report is split into sections that represent the main places where Zersetzen has occurred and lists them on a chronological basis - Vancouver, London & Yarm, Manchester & Calgary. In its last section, this Report outlines the degree of the Cover-up (denial of Justice). All incidents are referenced B1 to M5.

A secondary division within each of the sections are sub-sections, or sub-pages, where longer items can be detailed.

The key:

Sections B to H - Itemizes the various Zersetzen threats including: intrusive surveillance and electronic surveillance, intimidation, harassment, death threats, street theater and stalking.

 Sections B2, C3, G2, J1, J2 - Telephone tapping, email interference, mail interception, electronic harassment, cyberbullying

 Sections K to M - Outlines the denial of justice and the cover-up conspiracy. Provides details of my correspondence with CSIS, SIRC, etc..

Items that have an independent source of corroboration for verification purposes are indicated by a Color tag.

The Russell-Zersetzen Report is a written review of what Zersetzen is about and of my personal experiences with Zersetzen. This topic is also covered in the VIDEO, but in less detail.

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